Basic Research Science

  • Nano carrier systems for transdermal delivery of Natural compounds
  • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring based on Bio-analytical method development
  • Plant mediated synthesis of metallic nanoparticles and their applications in cancer therapeutics, oral infections, bone regeneration, anti-parasite, topical diseases
  • Molecular Pharmacology and Metabolomics of micronutrients during pregnancy
  • Herbal medicines for treatment of oral pathogens
  • Anti-cancer potential of plant extracts and marketed formulations
  • Identification and characterization of oral spirochetes strains
  • Immuno-adjuvant potential of medicinal plants
  • Molecular mechanistic studies on plant extract and formulation
  • Herb drug interaction – in vivo studies of plant extract and formulations
  • Nano formulations of herbal actives for treatment of cancers
  • Application of nanoparticles in tissue engineering and bone regeneration