Criteria – V

5. Student Support and Progression

Metric No. Document Web Link
5.1.1 A. Self-attested letters with the list of students with Government sanctioned scholarship & fee-waivers  https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-V/5.1.1 A. List of students Government Scheme.pdf
5.1.1 B. List of students benefited by scholarships, fee waivers etc provided by the institution & other non-government schemes  https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-V/5.1.1 B. List of students NGO & Institution Scheme.pdf
5.1.1 C. Copies of sanction letters from the University & non-government schemes https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-V/5_1_1_C_NGO_Institution scheme.pdf
5.1.1 D. Attested copies of the sanction letters from the sanctioning authorities  https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-V/5.1.1 D. Sanction letters of Government scheme.pdf
5.1.2 Detailed Report of the capacity enhancement programs and other skill development schemes https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-V/5_1_2_Reports of Programs.pdf
5.1.3. A. Year wise list of students attending each of these schemes signed by competent authority  https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-V/5.1.3. A. List of students attending.pdf
5.1.3. B. Program, scheme mentioned in the metric  https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-V/5.1.3. B. Reports of program.pdf
5.1.3. C. List of students benefitted by guidance for competitive examinations and career advancement offered by the institution during the last five years  https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-V/5.1.3. C. List of students benefited.pdf
5.1.4 International Students’ Cell  https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-V/5.1.4. International Students Cell.pdf
5.1.5. A. Minutes of the meeting of Anti ragging Committee  https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-V/5.1.5. A. Anti Ragging committee.pdf
5.1.5. B. Minutes of the meeting of student grievance redressal committee  https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-V/5.1.5. B. Student Grievance Redressal committee.pdf
5.1.5. C. Minutes of the meeting of prevention of sexual harassment committee  https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-V/5.1.5. C. Prevention of Sexual Harassment committee.pdf
5.2.1. A. Pass certificates of the examination  https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-V/5.2.1. A. Pass certificates of the examination.pdf
5.2.1. B. List of Students appearing for state national international examinations during the last five years  https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-V/5.2.1. B. Additional Information.pdf
5.2.1. C. Hall tickets of the examination  https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-V/5.2.1. C. Additional Information.pdf
5.2.2. A Self-attested list of students placed / self-employed  https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-V/5.2.2. A. List of students placed.pdf
5.2.2. B Additional information  https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-V/5.2.2. B. Additional information.pdf
5.2.2. C Annual reports of placement cell  https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-V/5.2.2. C. Placement cell Reports.pdf
5.2.3 Supporting Data for student, alumni in prescribed format  https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-V/5.2.3. Supporting Data.pdf
5.3.1 Certified E copies of award letters and certificates  https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-V/5.3.1. Certified e-copies of award.pdf
5.3.2 Student Council Activities  https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-V/5.3.2. Student council Activities.pdf
5.3.3 Reports of the events along with photographs appropriately dated and captioned year wise  https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-V/5.3.3. Reports of the events organized.pdf
5.4.1. A. Details of alumni association activities  https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-V/5.4.1. A. Alumni association activities.pdf
5.4.1. B. Audited statement of accounts of the alumni association  https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-V/5.4.1. B. Audited statement of accounts.pdf
5.4.2 Certified statement of the contributions by the head of the institution  https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-V/5.4.2. Alumni Contribution.pdf