Vision, Mission & Objectives

Our vision

To Be an Outstanding University Of Excellence, Ever in Pursuit Of Newer Horizons to Build Self-Reliant Global Citizens Through Assured Quality Education Programmes

Our mission

To promote sustainable development of Higher Education consistent with statutory requirements, plan and continuously provide necessary infrastructure, learning resources required for quality education and innovations, stimulate to extend the frontiers of knowledge through faculty development and continuing education programs, make research a significant activity involving staff, students and society promote industry / organization, interaction / collaborations with Regional / National / International Bodies / Institutions establish health systems for communication amount all stakeholders for vision oriented growth fulfill the national obligation through Rural Heath Mission.


To implement effectively programs through creativity and innovation in teaching, learning and evaluation, make existing programs more career oriented through effective system of review and redesign of curriculum, impart spirit of inquiry and scientific temperament among students through research oriented activities, enhance reading and learning capability among faculty and students and inculcate sense of life-long-learning, promulgate process for effective continuous, objective oriented student performance evaluation, incorporate themes to build values, civic responsibilities and sense of national integrity, ensure that the academic, career and personal counseling are in-built into the system of curriculum delivery’s strengthen, develop and implement staff students’ welfare programs, adopt and implement principles of participation, transparency and accountability in governance of academic and administrative activities, constantly display sensitivity and respond to changing educational, social and community demands, promote public-private partnership.