The KLE Academy of Higher Education and Research (Deemed to be University) Alumni Association aspires to be a primary linkage between the university and its family of alumni across the globe, to commit them to the university’s missions of life long learning through various programs, facilitates communication with alumni, and seeks to strengthen alumni bonds of fellowship, professional association and university affiliation.


  • To connect the existing alumnus with the university and bridge the gap of communication between alumnus and students.
  • To promote exchange of academic, clinical, research and corporate experience with the students of the university.
  • To encourage alumni to participate actively in University events, to volunteer, to create new ways for alumni to stay connected to KLE Academy of Higher Education and Research.
  •  To help and support alumnus develop and spread a philanthropic and entrepreneurial mindset among students.
  • To mentor and channelize the efforts of the students seeking better opportunities to learn and grow.
  • To promote a goodwill and sense of pride to both alumni and students in planning and execution of alumni events and upgrade student skill sets.
  • To work with university assets to suggest new technologies and improvements that shall benchmark industrial expectations

Alumni Association – Bylaws
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Alumni Society Registration
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The Alumni Association of KAHER

Chief Patron

Dr.Prabhakar B.Kore,
Honorable Chancellor,
KAHER, Belagavi

Ex-Officio Members

Prof. (Dr.) Nitin Gangane,
Vice Chancellor,
KAHER, Belagavi


Dr.Veerappa.A. Kothiwale,
Registrar, KAHER and
Professor of General Medicine, JNMC, Belagavi

Vice President

Dr.Vishwanath M.Pattanshetti,
Vice-Principal, and
Professor of Surgery, JNMC, Belagavi

Member Secretary

Dr.Ranjit Kangle,
Director, Students’ Welfare, KAHER and
Professor of Head of Pathology, JNMC

Dr.Prashant A.Karni,
Reader of Prosthodontics, KLE VK Institute of Dental Sciences,

Dr.M. B. Gundakalle
Reader Dept. of Agadatantra, KAHER’s Shri B.M.K.Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya, Belagavi

Mrs.Apeksha A.Pujar (Mrs. Anjana Adhyapak),
Assistant Professor of Quality Assurance,
KLE College of Pharmacy, Belagav

Dr.Hasan Pasha N.Sholapur,
Assistant Professor of Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry,
KLE College of Pharmacy, Hubballi


Mrs. Dimple Pirgal,
Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
KLE College of Pharmacy, Bengaluru.


Dr. Nikita Pawar
Lecturer of Oncology Physiotherapy,
, KLE Institute of Physiotherapy, Belagavi


Dr. Honnagouda Patil,
Associate Professor of Medical Surgical Nursing
KLE Institute of Nursing Sciences, Belagavi


Dr. Somnath Chitti
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Anatomy,
KLEU’s Homoeopathic Medical College Belagavi.

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