Research & Development Cell

[As per the guidelines issued by the UGC]

Composition of various Committes of Organization Structure of Research and Development Cell under the  Research Advisory Council / University Research Co-Ordination

Sl.No. Names Designation
Research Advisory Council
1 Hon. Vice-Chancellor Chairman
R & D Cell Director & Deputy Directors
1 Dr. S. S. Goudar, Director-Research Director
2 Dr. Sunil S. Jalalpure, Principal, KLE CoP, Belagavi Deputy Director
3 Dr. Punnya Angadi, Professor & HoD of Oral Pathology & Microbiology, KLE VK IDS, Belagavi Deputy Director
R & D Cell Advisors
5 Registrar, KAHER Advisor
6 Dean, Faculty of Medicine, KAHER Advisor
7 Dean, Faculty of Dentistry, KAHER Advisor
8 Principal, KLE BMK AM Advisor
9 Member -Secretary of SMO Advisor
10 MD & CE, KLE Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital & MRC, Belagavi Advisor
11 Medical Superintendent, KLE Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital & MRC, Belagavi Advisor
12 Dr. Ravishankar Naik, Professor of Neurology, JNMC Advisor
13 Dr. Ramesh Paranjape, I/c Director, KLE Dr.PK BSRC Advisor
14 Padma Shree Dr. Madan M. Godbole, Distinguished Professor Advisor
R & D Cell External Members
15 Dr. Prashant Mathur
Director National Centre for Disease Informatics and Research
(ICMR) II Floor of Nirmal Bhawan, Kannamangala Post Bengaluru – 562 110. India.
E-mail : director-ncdir@icmr.gov.in
External Member
16 Prof. Rabinarayan Acharya
Director General, Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences (CCRS),
Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India, New Delhi -110 058
Email :rabi_dravyaguna@yahoo.co.in, drrnacharya@gmail.com, dg-ccras@nic.in”>dg-ccras@nic.in
External Member
>17 Dr. Sanjay Mehendale
Director Research, PD Hinduja Hospital & MRC, Savarkar Marg, Mumbai-400016
Email : dr_sanjay.mehendale@hindujahospital.com
External Member
18 Dr. Pooja Sharma
Director & Head, Medanta Institute of Education & Research,
Founder CEO APAR Health
Gurgaon, Haryana, India
E-mail : Pooja.sharma@medanta.org
External Member
19 >Dr. Subarna Roy
Director, ICMR –NITM,
Nehru Nagar, Belagavi
Email : drsubarnaroy@gmail.com
External Member
20 Dr. Sadhana R.Joshi
Professor & Head of Nutritional Medicine Division,
Interactive Research School of Health Affairs (IRSHA),
Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed-to-be-University)
Bharati Vidyapeeth Educational Campus,
Pune – Satara Road, Pune –411 043.
Email: srjoshi62@gmail.com
External Member
21 Dr. Nomita Chandhiok
Biomedical Researcher in the area of RMNCH+A
Former Senior Deputy Director General Scientist ‘G’, ICMR, New Delhi
Email: n_chandhiok@hotmail.com
External Member



Sl.No Names Designation
Committees of R & D Cell
Committee 1 – Finance and Infrastructure
1 Dr. Rajesh Powar, Professor & HoD of Plastic Surgery, JNMC Convener
2 Dr. V. A. Kothiwale, Registrar Member
3 Dr. M. S. Ganachari, Deputy Registrar Member
4 Dr. A.H.M Vishwanathswamy, Principal, KLE CoP, Hubballi Member
5 Dr. Sonal Joshi, Dean, Faculty of Dentistry, KLE VK IDS Member
6 CA. S. M. Jotawar, Finance Officer Member
7 Mr. V. M. Nishandar, Executive Engineer Member
Committee 2 – Research Program, Policy Development
1 Dr. Madhav Prabhu, Associate Prof. of General Medicine, JNMC Convener
2 Dr. Rohan Bhise, Prof. and HoD of Medical Oncology, JNMC Member
3 Dr. R. B. Nerli, Professor of Urology, JNMC, Belagavi Member
4 Dr. Mahesh Kamate, Professor of Paediatrics (Paediatric Neurology), JNMC Member
5 Dr. Manjunath S.Somannavar, Professor of Biochemistry, JNMC Member
6 Dr. Shaila V.Kothiwale, Professor of Periodontics, KLE VK IDS Member
7 Dr. Rajamma A. J., Professor and Vice-Principal, KLE CoP, Bengaluru Member
8 Dr. (Smt.) F. S. Dasanakoppa, Professor of Pharmaceutics, KLE CoP, Hubballi Member
9 Dr. Jeba Chitra, Professor of Neuro-Physiotherapy, KLE IoPT Member
10 Dr. Parixit Bandurge, Asso. Prof. of Pharm. Chemistry, KLE CoP, Belagavi Member
Committee 3 – Collaboration & Community
1 Dr. Girija Mahantashetti, Professor of Community Medicine, JNMC Convener
2 Dr. Preeti Hazare, Professor of ENT, JNMC, Belagavi Member
3 Mr. Veereshkumar Nandagoan, I/c Principal, KLE IoNS, Belagavi Member
4 Dr. Umesh S.Charantimath, Asso. Prof. of Comm. Medicine, JNMC Member
5 Dr. Rupali Mutagi, Reader of Public Health Dentistry, KLE VKIDS, Belagavi Member
6 Dr. Sujeet Kumar, Asso. Prof. of Pharm. Chemistry, KLE CoP, Bengaluru Member
7 Dr. Giridhar Vedantam, Reader of Dravyaguna, KLE BMK AM Member
8 Dr. Jessica P Monterio, Asso. Prof., Practice of Medicine, KLE HMC Member
9 Dr. S. B. Nymagoud, Asst. Prof. (Gr-II) of Pharmacy Practice, KLE CoP, Hubballi Member
10 Dr. Varsha Huddar, Asst. Prof. of Oncology PT, KLE IoPT, Belagavi Member
11 Mrs. Uma L.Kole, Assistant Professor of ObG Nursing, KLE IoNS Member
Committee 4 – Product Development, Monitoring and Commercialization
1 Dr. Anil Koralli, Assistant Professor of Panchakarma, KLE Shri BMK AM Convener
2 Dr. Anil Harugop, Professor of ENT, JNMC, Belagavi Member
3 Dr. Shankar G. Alegoan, Prof. & HoD of Pharm. Chem., KLE CoP, Belagavi Member
4 Dr. Subhas S Karki, Professor of Pharm. Chemistry, KLE CoP, Bengaluru Member
5 Dr. Yogeshkumar S., Associate Professor of Comm. Medicine, JNMC Member
6 Mr. Gururaj Udapi, Asso. Prof. of Mental Health Nursing, KLE IoNS Member
7 Dr. Supriya Kulkarni, Asso. Prof. of Hom. Materia Medica, KLE HMC Member
8 Dr. Dhaval Chivate, Asst. Prof. of Sports Physiotherapy, KLE IoPT, Belagavi Member
9 Dr. H. N. Sholapur, Asst. Prof. of Pharmacognosy, KLE CoP, Hubballi Member
10 Mrs. L. A. Pattanashetti, Asst. Prof. of Pharmacology, KLE CoP, Hubballi Member
11 Dr. Varun Nayak, Asst. Prof. of Cardio-Physiotherapy, KLE IoPT, Belagavi Member
12 Dr. Sushilkumar, Lecturer of Biomechanics, KLE IoPT, Belagavi Member
Committee 5 – IPR, Legal & Ethical Matters
1 Dr. Shivayogi Hugar, Prof. & HoD of Pedodontics, KLE VK IDS Convener
2 Dr. H. N. Shivakumar, Professor and Vice-Principal, KLE CoP, Bengaluru Member
3 Dr. Neha Dhaded, Reader of Conservative Dentistry, KLE VKIDS Member
4 Dr. Rohan Hattarki, Reader of Orthodontics, KLE VKIDS, Belagavi Member
5 Dr. Puneet Chamkere, Asst. Prof of Orthopaedics, JNMC, Belagavi Member
6 Dr. Bhaskar Kuranagi, Asst. Prof. of Pharmaceutics, KLE CoP, Belagavi Member
7 Dr. Preeti Salve, Asst. Prof. of Pharm. Chemistry, KLE CoP, Belagavi Member
8 Dr. Manjunath Sogalad, Asst. Prof. of Fundamentals of Nursing, KLE IoNS Member
9 Dr. Shukra Chivate, Asst. Prof. of Peadiatric PT, KLE IoPT, Belagavi Member
10 Mrs. Jyoti Katti, Legal Officer, KAHER, Belagavi Member
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