Criteria – IV

Criterion IV – Infrastructure and Learning Resources

Metric No Document Weblink
4.1.1 Teaching-learning and skill acquisition facility Link-1- Teaching-Learning,skill acquisition facility.pdf
4.1.1 Geotagged photos­­ of T-L facility geo_photos.pdf
4.1.1 Geotagged photos of UHC,PHC -Link-3-Geotag photos-UHC,PHC.pdf
4.1.2 Geotagged photos- cultural and sports facility photos-cultural-sports facilities.pdf
4.1.3 Geotagged photos-campus facility
4.1.3 Additional info- Hostel committee, co-op store, energy audit,%20HOSTEL,%20CO-OP.pdf
4.2.1 Geotagged photos –Facilities for patient care geo_photos.pdf
4.2.1 List of facilities for Teaching-Learning, patient care and research Link-1- Teaching-Learning,skill acquisition facility.pdf
4.2.1 Hospital Write Up info.pdf
4.2.2 Year wise O/I statistics
4.2.2 Adequacy of O/I as per norms
4.2.3 Details of –UHC, PHC, Satellite centers,%20PHC,satellite%20centers.pdf
4.2.4 Accreditation certificates certficates.pdf
4.3.1 Geotagged photos- Library Geotagged photos of Library.pdf
4.3.2 Central Library acquisition data(Excel) Central Library Acquisition Data-taken from Easylib softaware.xlsx
4.3.2 Consolidated list of Total books, ancient books,%20ancient%20books.pdf
4.3.5 LCS- Imparatus, Ayur studio,Ayur%20studio.pdf
4.3.5 e-content used by teachers b.pdf
4.4.1 Geo Photos class rooms photos_classrooms.pdf
4.4.2 Maintenance of IT Dept, Wi-Fi facility,WI-FI%20facility.pdf
4.4.2 CCTV, Contineo, TCS-iON,%20Contineo,TCS-iON.pdf
4.4.4 LCS – Imparatus, Ayur studio,Ayur.pdf
4.4.4 Geotagged photos-Studio
4.5.2 Building and works committee-minutes of meeting b 11 building.pdf
4.5.2 Library committee-minutes of meeting b 18. library.pdf