Running Club

Running Club


Reg No: DRBG / SOR/ 113 / 2020-2021

Name and Address of The Club KAHER Running Club,
Department of Gymkhana,
JNMC Campus, Nehru Nagar,
Jurisdiction Karnataka Territorial Jurisdiction
Constituency Belagavi Constituency Ward No. 43

The objectives of the club shall be as per the Memorandum of Association

  • To start and manage Running Practice Training Centers on behalf of the Club and to purchase various sports equipments for the ease of Runners.
  • To create awareness among the people such as the importance and advantages of running.
  • To create awareness regarding the rights and obligations of runners.
  • To give training, guidance, information to runners with regard to physical and mental health.
  • To create a social relationship between the members of cycling, running and swimming club and other similar related clubs and associations.
  • To conduct Yoga, gym and exercise classes on behalf of the club for athletes.
  • To give training to the members and organize various events, competitions on behalf of the club to encourage various sports activities such as cycling, swimming, athletics, running, etc and to provide all the necessary sports equipments to the participants
  • To give cash prize, scholarship and other financial assistance to the members to encourage sports.
  • To promote awareness about health and sports among rural youth.
  • To obtain assistance from Nehru Department & Department of sports
    and to encourage talented students in field of sport, yoga and other arts by distributing prizes, certificates and medals.
  • To organize sports meet at local, taluka, district and state level and providing required sports equipments
  • To conduct intercollege events for students studying in KLE Society / KLE University.
  • To organize special events for female members.
  • To form Runners Groups and motivate them to participate at various District, State and National Level sports.
  • To honour talented students, moral & financial support to students, construct rest rooms, provide sport equipments and establish Training centres.
  • To give timely advice to members about fitness and health and introduce them to doctors.
  • To receive grants from government and other sources and utilize the same for activities of the Club only.


The following persons can become members of the club

  • All employees and students of KLE Academy of Higher Education & Research and its constituent units
  • All employees and students of any of the institutions of KLE Society.
  • All employees and students of any of the aided institutions of KLE Society and its sister concerns
  • He / She must have completed atleast 18 years of age

Categories of Members

The club shall have the following category of membership

Life Membership An person who has paid a membership fee of Rs. 1,000/- shall become a life member of the Club.
Founder Members All the persons who have subscribed for the bylaws and persons who form the first general body shall be considered as Founder Lifetime members These persons shall be considered as the first executive committee members.
Yearly Membership An employee/student who pays a sum of Rs. 600/- every year shall be considered for yearly membership. This membership is subject to renewal every year.
Guest Membership An employee/student who pays a sum of Rs. 200/- shall be considered as Guest member. They do not have voting rights. However they are given right to attend all the sports meets/ events without any registration fee.


Dr.Veerappa.A. Kothiwale,
Registrar, KAHER and
Professor of General Medicine, JNMC, Belagavi

Vice President

Dr.Ranjit Kangle,
Director, Students’ Welfare, KAHER and
Professor of Head of Pathology, JNMC

Members Secretary

Mr. Raveendra Khot,
Physical Director,
KAHER, Belagavi

Dr. Ramesh Y. Chavan,,
J.N.Medical College,Belagavi

Dr. Raveendra S. Honnungar,,
J.N.Medical College, Belagavi

Dr. Ashwini Narasannavar,
J.N.Medical College, Belagavi

Ku. Utkarsh A. Chavan,
#15, Bhagya Laxmi Nagar,
Chikkodi. Dt:- Belagavi

Minutes of Meetings