Criteria – I

1. Curricular Aspects

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1.1.1 Curricula developed and implemented  have relevance to the local, national, regional and global health care needs which are visible in Programme Outcomes (POs), and Course Outcomes (COs) offered by the University, as per the norms of the Regulatory Bodies.

J.N.Medical College Belagavi

V.K.Institute of Dental Sciences, Belagavi

B.M.K.Ayurveda College, Belagavi

College of Pharmacy, Belagavi,Hubballi & Bengaluru

Institute of Physiotherapy, Belagavi

Institute of Nursing Sciences, Belagavi

KLE Homoeopathy Medical College, Belagavi









9 Stage Curriculum Development https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-I/9 stages.pdf
1.1.2 Percentage of Programmes where syllabus revision was carried out during the last five years Number of Programmes offered by the Institution during the last five years How many Programmes in which syllabi were revised out of the total number of Programmes offered during the last five years (Number of Programmes in which the syllabi was revised out of the total number of Programmes offered during the last five years)  https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-I/1.1.2 Syllabus Revision AC & BOS combined.pdf
1.1.3 Provide a description of courses with focus on competency/ employability/ entrepreneurship/ skill-development offered either by the University or in collaboration with partner Institutions / Industries during the last five years




https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-I/1_1_3_ MOUs.pdf

1.2.1 Percentage of Programmes in which Choice-Based Credit System (CBCS)/Elective course system has been implemented, wherever provision was made by the Regulatory Bodies (Data for the preceding academic year) Total number of Programmes where there is regulatory provision for CBCS – elective course system Number of Programmes in which CBCS/ Elective course system was implemented
1.2.2  Percentage of new Degree Programmes, Fellowships and Diplomas  introduced by the University across all Faculties  during the last five years (certificate programmes are not to be included) Number of  new Degree Programmes, Fellowships and Diplomas  introduced by the University during the last five years  https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-I/1_2_2-AC_ BOS_new prog.pdf Number of programmes offered across all Faculties during the last five years
1.2.3 Percentage of interdisciplinary courses under the Programmes offered by the University during the last five years Number of courses  offered across all programmes during the last five years Number of  interdisciplinary courses offered during the last five years
1.3.1 Institution integrates crosscutting issues relevant to Gender, Environment and Sustainability, Human Values, Health Determinants, Right to Health Issues, Emerging demographic changes and Professional Ethics in the curricula  https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-I/1.3.1 List & Description.pdf


1.3.1.a  List of Courses that integrate crosscutting issues   https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-I/1.3.1.a.CC.pdf
1.3.1.b  Description of the Courses  https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-I/1.3.1.b.CC.pdf
1.3.2 Number of value-added courses offered during the last five years that impart transferable and life skills
1.3.3 Percentage of students who successfully completed the value-added courses during the last five years
1.3.4 Students undertake Merged 

Field visits 

Research projects 

Industry internship / visits

Community postings

as part of curriculum enrichment

https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-I/1.3.4 All merged.pdf

https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-I/1.3.4 Field Visits.pdf

https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-I/1.3.4 Research Projects.pdf

https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-I/1.3.4 IND Visits.pdf

https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-I/1.3.4 Community posting.pdf

1.4.1 Mechanism is in place for obtaining structured feedback on curricula/syllabi from various stakeholders  https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-I/1_4_1_ ATR_Final.pdf
1.4.2 Feedback process of the Institution may be classified as:
1.2.2 New Progammes with Numbering https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-I/1_2_2_n.pdf
1.3.1 List of Cross Cutting Issues https://kledeemeduniversity.edu.in/naac/Criterion-I/1_3_1_n.pdf