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The KLE University was established on 13th April, 2006, which is carved out of KLE Society. KLE is a byword in India’s Educational spectrum. Its success story, of nearly ten decades, portrays the dedication with which millions of people worked selflessly in the making of the ‘KLE’. The KLE Society is celebrating its centenary year with 246 institutions, 13,000 members of the trust, 1, 10,262 students, and, 16,000 faculty. KLE has reached enviable heights and has attained both national and International reputation under the visionary leadership of Chancellor, Dr. Prabhakar Kore. The University is also accredited with ‘A’ grade by the NAAC and has been placed in Category ‘A’ by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. It is one of the few deemed Universities to have both these unique distinctions. The KLE University is located in 100 acres campus that is meticulously planned. The University offers various Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Post-doctoral, Fellowship and Certificate programs in the faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Ayurveda, Physiotherapy and Nursing. The campus is very rich and vibrant in terms of a highly impressive infrastructure, renowned and highly experienced teaching faculty, state of the art teaching hospital and medical research center, with 2200 beds and top notch diagnostic facilities under one roof. The Wi-Fi and digital library, e-learning and other facilities are at par with best campuses of the country and abroad. Another milestone achieved is the collaboration with MedRC and establishment of Smart Teach Server for students to access the high quality E-curricular content so that students can learn at their own pace & as supplementary measure to the excellent classroom teaching. Department of Public Health, Department of Clinical

Research, Department of Allied Health Sciences ,School of Music have started need based fellowship programs in various specialties and the commencement of Ph.D programs in health facilities and inter disciplinary research are the new endeavors of the University in the short span of nine years of its existence. The Department of Medical Education (DOME) of J.N. Medical College, Belagavi is recognized as Nodal Center by MCI to train the teachers in Medical Education Technology covering 39 institutions under its umbrella. The University’s Department of Education for Health Professionals (UDEHP) enables our teachers to take up newer challenges in teaching-learning with confidence. The University is proud of its internationally recognized global center at J.N. Medical College. It is one of the eight leading global sites of NICHD (USA) for Women and Child Health Research funded by NIH, USA which has been undertaking community-oriented research projects. University has also incorporated teaching of Indian Constitution and The University takes a very strict view against any kind of ragging activity and the entire campus is under strict vigil to prevent any ragging. Facilities like Bank, post-office, pharmacy; gym, indoor stadium, international standard swimming pool, international standard convention center, Venu Dhwani Community Radio Station, Library complex cafeteria, departmental store, laundry, travel and booking facilities are available in the campus itself. Today KLE University stands proud with the strength of meritorious students, dedicated and renowned faculty and an excellent teaching and learning process. The never ending quest for excellence has become the essence of the KLE University.

Convention Centre:
mainly for activities conducted by KAHER like conference convocation and other cultural events

  • Dr.B.S.Jirge Hall with 1200 sitting capacity,  Click here for more information.
  • Dr.H.B.Rajashekhar Hall with 600 sitting capacity, Click here for more information.
  • Dr.B.S.Kodkany Hall with 300 sittiing capacity, Click here for more information.
  • Dr.V.D.Patil Hall with 150 sitting capacity, Click here for more information.

Innovation Centre
Nurturing entrepreneurship and innovation among students and the faculty,the innovation center nestles the generating ideas and develops them to be materialized in real time. It is the epicenter of knowledge sharing and accentuation.

It facilitates

  • Inter-disciplinary research and innovative solutions with an integrated approach
  • Basic seed-funding to transform an idea/concept into a product
  • Furnishing of resources for start-ups
  • Workshops to create awareness among students and faculty
  • Education of the students about the patenting process
  • Generation of patentable ideas that are of utility to the society

Simulation Centre

The Medical Simulation Centre at the KLE University is a trail blazing concept in the field of medical education.

A medical simulator tests the capacity of a health care professional to handle real-life medical emergencies using training manikins to teach healthcare students. Undergraduate and postgraduate students are taught in the health sciences including medical, dental, nursing and allied health fields.

Teaching Model 
With the first of its kind Medical Simulation Centre ,KLE university has unique teaching methods for medical simulation. With academic training, the students will be given hands-on experience in clinical conditions, thus fortifying the art of classroom learning.

Offering professional services in a variety of fields, high-fidelity simulators such as the SimMan™ can be programmed to assess the competence of a student to integrate assessment and diagnostic skills into decision making.


Belgaum (or Belagavi) is a city in the southwest Indian state of Karnataka. Circled by a moat, the large Belgaum Fort contains centuries-old mosques and the Kamal Basti, a Jain temple. In the city center, the domed, 1950s Mahadev Temple sits in a park. The ancient Kapileshwara Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Northwest is the pink-stone St. Mary’s Church, with carved Gothic arches and a teak-and-marble altar.

Area: 94 km²
Weather: 25 °C, Wind W at 14 km/h, 79% Humidity
Population: 4.9 lakhs (2011)


For student housing and accomodation

Sl #HostelCourseRoomsCapacity
4NEW PG-LadiesPG-MEDICAL-I144144


student details


  • Students should set appropriate goals for themselves.
  • Time management is essential to maintain a balanced schedule of work, rest and other activities.
  • Attendance and internal assessment are two valuable tools to monitor the academic progress of a student. The student should maintain a good record of attendance and internal assessment. Though 100% attendance is essential, 25% leave is permitted for health reasons and / or family commitments.
  • It is advisable that students stay only in hostels and abide by hostel rules and regulations.  It is also mandatory for students to keep the warden informed of their visits to a friend or relative or if they are going away for more than a day.  Students should not keep costly and valuable items in the room.
  • At all times, students should carry themselves in a manner befitting their professional education.
  • Talented students in the field of sports and cultural activities should seek membership in sports and cultural committees of the college.
  • They should make an effort to learn the local language, to be able to communicate better with patients and local persons.
  • During clinical postings, students should conduct themselves appropriately when dealing with patients.
  • Students are expected to observe the dress code of the University.
  • Indiscipline will be dealt with as per rules and the nature of punishment can vary from suspension to dismissal from the institute.
  • In case of ill health, students should attend the KLE Academy of Higher Education and Research, Belagavi Student Health Clinic at Kasturba Hospital, KLE Academy of Higher Education and Research, Belagavi. While undergoing elective surgical procedures, students should keep the parents informed and it is advised that one of them is present during the procedure.
  • In case of stressful situations, students can contact Student Counsellor, 5th Floor, Health Sciences Library building or Psychology / Psychiatry Dept to cope with the stress.
  • KLE Academy of Higher Education and Research, Belagavi has been declared as “NO SMOKING ZONE”.  Students found indulging in smoking may be removed from the hostel and no refund of rent will be given.
  • Any student involved in criminal offences on the campus and any indiscipline outside the campus will be handled by the concerned authorities as per the law.
  • They are discouraged from swimming in the rough Arabian Sea, as this has cost lives of students in the past. There is also no need to possess a two or four wheeler.
  • Drugs, drinking (liquor) and smoking, ragging & eve teasing and cheating, stealing, provocation, coercion, threats, pressure tactics & fights will be dealt with severity.
  • Appropriate stringent action has been taken to prevent ragging.  Anti-ragging committee, anti-ragging squad, mentoring cell, surprise check squad are the committees which  oversee and take appropriate steps to prevent ragging.


Student Code of Conduct 2020-2021

Voli Ball
volley ball

Inter-Collegiate Games Competitions

  • Cricket (Men)
  • Throw ball (Women)
  • Lawn tennis (Men / Women)
  • Swimming (Men / Women)
  • Volley ball (Men / Women)
  • Badminton, Table-tennis, Chess (Men / Women)
  • Basketball (Men / Women)
  • Kabaddi (Men)
  • Foot ball
  • University Athletic Meet – HUMBO

Facilities available at the Academy

1. FOP / StadiumYes
i) Indoor (if yes size approx.)1210 Sq. Meters
a) Wooden / SyntheticBoth available
b) Roof clearanceStandered clearance
c) Lights (Lux level)370 lux level
d) Seating arrangement685×16.39 mtrs.
ii) Outdoor (if yes size)
a) Artificial / Synthetic grass400 mtrs. Track (cinder track)
b) Lights (lux level)300 lux level
iii) Track (if yes size)400 mtrs. Track
a) Surface – synthetic / soilSynthetic track
b) Lights (lux level)
2. Gymnasium (if yes size)35.83×9.30 sq. mtrs.
3. Recovery facilitiesAyurveda massage, Sauna bath, Steam bath
4. Swimming pool (if yes size)50×25 Olympic standard size
i) Temperature controller (if required)
ii) Change rooms14.25×5.35 sq mtrs
(2 numbers)

The KLE University Canteen offers platters of delicacies that make your mouth water as your eyes ravenously watch the food being served in hygienic plates. The Canteen is one-of-its-kind and offers relish worthy cuisines that gratify your hunger and delight your taste buds.

The Café Coffee Day at the campus is a go-to for every student. With frothy cappuccinos, gourmet expresso, the earthy masala chai, the flavorful refreshers to quench your thirst, we have Afghani Chicken Biryani, Big Crunch Chicken Cheese/Classic/Spicy Burger,and more to help your relinquish your hunger. Celebrate every moment joyously with the special CCD Black Forest Cake which is made by our connoisseurs with a finesse fit for the Gods. Our desserts like Cocoa Fantasy Cake,Cocoa Fantasy Pastry and Crackling Brownie will get you smacking your lips just by the thought of it.You will yearn for more as you gently bite into the core of our crispy egg and veg wraps that is made with care with food lovers like you.Don’t forget to munch on the Munch-on Nachos as you sit in leisure with your buddies!

Our McDonald outlet is another perfect place to hangout and gobble up some quick eats. Maintaining high degrees of food safety, Mc Donald’s brings farm fresh ingredients that goes into the preparation of your favourite Mc Frenchfries, Mc Spicy Chicken,Big Spicy Chicken Wrap,Mc Spicy Paneer ,wraps,Mc Muffins,Chicken Maharaja Mac and more!Slurp up some Coke float and pop in some Mc Nuggets to delight your hungry tummies!

Wondering where the finger licking good meals are on! Gotcha! We have KFC outlets in our campuses that let you unapologetically binge on Mixed Zinger Doubles, Classic Chicken Zinger Doubles, 5 in 1 Spicy Zinger Box,Veg Zinger,Spicy Chicken Zinger Feast, Classic Chicken Zinger Feast,Spicy Chicken Zinger, Rice boxes and more!

Domino’s at The KLE University is well known for oven fresh pizzas that come with diverse flavours and yummilicious toppings.If your tummy demands a pizza,you know where to go! Dominos!

Want to grab a mid-day meal with a low calorie or non-oily, non-fried food?There is nothing better than a SUBWAY sandwich. KLE SUBWAY serves the best subs with healthy veggies stuffed in between. But if you don’t mind consuming a few hundred calories, you can try the veg shammi or any other traditional sandwich.

KLE Academy of Higher Education and Research, Belagavi

Youth Red Cross

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